The Moth

from by Marlon Battad



Mother had a busy day, you read it on her face.
Cloak yourself in blue and gray and gather up your strength.
Would you see me fly? Am I a speck lost in the blue?
Would you hear my footsteps if I crawled up on the roof?

When all is said and all is done I did not know the way to sew my father’s armor on,
but every stream will be explored and every road be paved, and I can always chase the sun.

O Icarus, my son…

If all was said and all was done I would not know my way. They’ll take away the lie I’ve loved
when every ocean’s been unfurled and all the Earth is claimed that I could always chase the sun.

O Icarus, my son…

I creep past my mother, so still in her sleep, at night so my father don’t hear me weep.
Now you, fiery other, I beg you to see the chink in my armor and make me weak,

and though I know the flames would torch my soft and waxy wings, I swear by God I will taste the-

Son, O my son. Icarus, my heart. Icarus, my light. Icarus my love,
is the sky or the ground approaching?
Will we fly or are you falling


from secret demo 2017, released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Marlon Battad Providence, Rhode Island

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